A Tournament Of Hope


Our Mission

We strive to make a difference in kid's life through sports. Sports teaches kids how to work hard, take constructive criticism, learn continuous fitness essentials, and forge lifelong friendships.

Next Tournament:

Pickleball Tournament

Monroe & Mt. Ogden Parks

Ogden, Utah

June 5, 2020

What We Do

Moonlight Madness is a tournament series for a variety of sports - soccer, volleyball, pickleball, basketball - you name it.


The purpose: to make a difference in kid's lives through sports.


We help non-profits raise money to help kids all across the nation!

Why We Do It

We both grew up in the Ogden, Utah area and sports were a huge factor in our lives growing up - and still are today!  


We learned how to work hard, be mentally tough, and take constructive criticism. We learned discipline, established habits of a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and forged life-long friendships with our teammates and coaches.

Both of us were able to go on and coach which led to a greater perspective on how sports really do impact kid's lives for the better.


And we wouldn't have been able to do it without the generosity of others! So now it's our chance to give back! 

What You Can Do

Play: take a look at our upcoming tournaments and come play! Play a sport you love & make a difference in the world around you.

Sponsor: become a sponsor for one of our tournaments! You can sponsor teams, raffles, courts, & more. Contact us for more information.


Host: let us know if you want us to come to your area! There are kids all over the nation who can benefit from participating in sports & we want to help them!

Donate: pick a tournament & feel free to donate! You can do this one of two ways - donate through our website now or come visit one of our events, watch a few games, and make a donation there.

Our Sponsors